Praise for our Community Health Worker Program

Expert Testimonials

“From a provider’s standpoint, the services of Curémonos extend well beyond simple translation. It changes the whole treatment process for a patient to know they have someone on their side, and making the system more accessible goes a long way to ease anxiety. As English-speaking people, many of us take for granted the ability to express our questions and concerns to our provider, and have them addressed to our satisfaction. This is a basic right that many primarily Spanish-speaking women do not know, but it is one of the most important goals of Curémonos, and one that I am happy to help the organization achieve.”

– Maureen Thyne, RPA-C

“The great value of a dedicated Spanish-speaking community health worker became clear to me as I took care of Ms. C. This patient, who had stage IV breast cancer, was from Ecuador and spoke very little English. Somehow, she met Dora Arias and they became fast friends. Dora was always available to accompany Ms. C. on her doctor visits, translate for her, navigate the medical maze when she needed to be scheduled for tests, come for chemotherapy treatments, get medication etc. Many times, we were able to resolve issues over the phone and avoid ER or clinic visits because we were able to communicate effectively with Ms. C. thru Dora. Towards the end of her life, Ms. C. was struggling with her illness and with the question of whether or not to return to Ecuador to be with her family. Dora was instrumental in establishing lines of communication between the medical team, Ms. C. and her family members in Ecuador. When it became clear that Ms. C. was too ill to travel back home, Ms. C. was able to say goodbye to her children thanks to Dora. Even after she passed away, Dora was of great assistance to Ms. C’s husband by helping him move back home to bury his wife in her native soil. Even though we have a dedicated social work team to assist our patients with many similar issues, a dedicated community health worker complemented our healthcare team perfectly and went a long way to lighten Ms. C’s painful and difficult end of life journey.”

– Michael Reiss, MD, Medical Oncologist

Patient Testimonials

“Curémonos plays an important role in the Latino community. The majority of Latinas are like myself in that they do not speak English. Curémonos is the voice and ears for the Latino community. They provide us with programs and workshops in Spanish. Curémonos becomes like our family given that our families are far away in our home countries and our husbands work all day. I am grateful to Curémonos for providing me with personalized attention as well as the personalized attention provided to other Latinas affected with breast cancer. Thank you for understanding and making us feel we are not alone in this difficult journey of being diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I would have liked emotional support because it was very difficult knowing that I had cancer. Ever since I got in contact with Curémonos, they have supported me in every aspect by providing financial resources, as well as emotional support. Thank God for Curémonos!”

“Although I got in contact with Curémonos after completing my treatment, they have helped me tremendously. They provide me with emotional support so that I do not feel isolated. I know that I can count on someone at all times. Furthermore, Curémonos keeps me informed of programs and services that are available in the community.”

“As Latinas we need to understand that being diagnosed with breast cancer, does not mean that we are going to die or that we are going to lose a body part because not all experiences are the same. Who else but other Latinas with their own experiences and the necessary knowledge to explain to us in our own language that we are not alone in this journey. I just want to express my gratitude to Curémonos for all of the unconditional support given to me and other women affected by breast cancer. May God bless Curémonos and may they continue with the valuable work in the Latino community.”

“I wanted to send this note to you to thank you again for your incredible kindness. Your support for me went above and beyond and I will never forget how you helped me.”

“I would like to express my gratitude for all your help in translating and coming with me to my doctor’s appointments. I have been very fortunate to have met you during these difficult times.

“Your help was so special, first the company that I had with someone who gives moral support and that helps you interpret and understand step by step what the doctor had to say. The time you gave me is also something that I will keep in mind. People like you deserve every support because they have this very special gift that is to help people like us that come to this country with all kind of obstacles and despite everything we are doing very well by the attention and care that they give us. For my part, I thank you very much for all the time that we shared together at the appointments; it was a satisfaction when I had to go to my appointments and you accompanied me.

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