Day Programs

Day of Wellness

This program is designed to help Latina breast cancer patients and survivors learn how to reduce stress, promote good health and wellbeing during and after breast cancer treatment.  The activities for the day include a nutrition class, yoga, reiki, zumba and a motivational session.  Instructors teach Latinas how to:

  • make healthy meals after a cancer diagnosis without having to sacrifice their favorite Latin food;
  • learn techniques to promote relaxation and reduce stress through gentle stretching and breathing;
  • learn a simple, natural, and safe method to support the body’s ability to heal itself;
  • tone the body while burning fat with Latin-flavored music; and
  • get more out of life after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Day to Celebrate Life

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Curémonos partners with beauty salons to provide Latina breast cancer survivors a day to be pampered, relax and feel beautiful. As part of the evening festivities, breast cancer survivors are reunited with their families and medical team in a celebration of life!  Activities during the day typically include:

  • haircuts, styling and mini-facials;
  • complete makeovers by makeup artists;
  • manicures; and
  • reiki sessions.

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