Salerno Duane Breast Cancer Awareness

Salerno Duane Ford and Salerno Duane Summit dealerships will be donating to Breast Cancer Awareness for each car sold during October! Our Salerno Duane dealerships will be working with the Susan G Komen organization together with Curemonos, a non-profit founded by a New Jersey native herself!

Susan G Komen of North Jersey has ongoing events through the month of October to bring awareness and raise money for Breast Cancer.

A NJ resident, Dora Arias founded the non-profit organization Curemonos in 2007. Curemonos means “healing together”, as Dora describes the fight against breast cancer takes a village. Since 2007, she has helped hundreds of women obtain breast cancer screenings and when necessary treatment and financial aid.

Dora is a resident of Mountainside, NJ and is an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness – she is constantly looking for women affected by breast cancer, particularly those who are uninsured and lack access to medical care.

Coremonos offers resources like interpretation services and Spanish-language support programs and educates medical residents and care providers on the needs of the Latina community. Prevention is also part of Curemonos, they have classes on the importance of breast cancer health and early detection within the local New Jersey community centers and homeless shelters.

You can learn more about Curemonos by watching the Today Show on October 8th. We are proud to be donating a portion of our Salerno Duane profits for both of these local Breast Cancer Awareness organizations. We encourage everyone to be an advocate and spread the word about Breast Cancer! For more information about our Salerno Duane dealership visit our website Salerno Duane Ford blog.

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